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The UMO automation is the ideal solution for underground applications. The underground position maintains intact the aesthetics of the swing gate and it makes practically invisible the automation.

  • The operator has a foundation box treated against the oxidation (cataphoresis) or inox (optional) and it contains: the hinge system with support on sphere of the gate, the electromechanical motoreducer waterproof and the transmission levers.
  • Power is regulated with extreme precision by the control box.


Power suppply monophase monophase

230 Vac 50/60Hz

 Current 1,4 A
 Absorbed power 280 W
 Torque 250 Nm
 Condenser 12,5 Mf
Reduction ratio 1:935
Speed RPM 1,5
Working temperature – 20°C  /  +70°C
Protection level IP 67
Operator weight 10 kg
S3 40 % Heavy duty
Opening time 90° 16 sec.