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Special projects

Automation systems and closures.

Automating and safely controlling any type of entrance or passage is our job. In this we feel competent.

The experience of 69 years in the design and construction of systems and actuators for the automation of gates, industrial locks, automatic doors, barriers and the control of gates in general, makes us a reliable and prepared partner to deal with you particular, special projects. or custom, made on specific requests or for particular functions.

Among the special projects carried out:

  • automation of locks for aviation, railway hangar and dock and port areas
  • automation of up and down gates – retractable walls – “invisible” garages
  • large closures for shopping or industrial centers
  • integrated solutions for the control of directional flows and accesses
  • roof automation for swimming pools and sports centers
  • closures of tunnels or subways
  • automation of photovoltaic panels systems
  • automation of large glazing (vasistas and windows of industrial warehouses)
  • automation of large and very large gates (up to 16000 kg)
  • greenhouse automation
  • multi-access car parks (Integrated control system)
  • conversion / restructuring of existing automatisms without limits of conditions or dimensions

Casit wants to be of support and offer solutions to special projects to builders, engineers, architects, public and private companies, technical offices.

Casit Srl

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Automation for gates, industrial doors, garage doors, “Made in Italy” road barriers


Strada Pietra Alta 1
10040 Caselette (TO) Italy

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Phone: +39 0119688230-9688170
Fax: +39 0119688363

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