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Retractable bollards


  • Hydraulic retractable bollard 230Vac 350W IP5
  • Galvanized and painted anthracite gray 12mm thick.
  • LED aluminum head with reflective band
  • 700mm stroke adjustable with limit switch
  • Cycles: ascent 6,5s (8s) / pause 30s / descent 6s
  • Galvanized foundation box

Retractable bollard that completely disappears into the floor, has the purpose of delimiting access to pedestrian areas or small perimeters. It has an impact resistance equal to that developed by impact with a vehicle at a low speed.
It is equipped with a gas spring that facilitates lifting and with the release key it can be locked in a high or low position. – Diameter of 200 mm-thickness 4mm-height 500


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