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CASIT – Special projects for automation systems and closing


Our 60 years’ experience in design and manufacturing of automation systems and actuators for gates, industrial doors, sliding doors, barriers and control devices, makes us reliable, skilled partners, ready to tackle special and custom projects made to customer requirements or for specific functions.


Each designed and manufactured system or device, is built to work perfectly in all conditions, even the most extreme, because our range includes every type of solution.


Our systems are installed in almost every country in the world.


Automate and control with high safety standard any type of entrance or passage is our job. This is our responsibility.


Among the special projects realized:

- Hangar automation for air and rail sectors

- Automation of big openings for shopping centers, malls or industrial doors

- Integrated control solutions of directional flows and access

- Automatic roofs for swimming pools and sports centers

- Closure of tunnels or subways

- Automation systems photovoltaic panels

- Automation of large glazing (vasistas windows and industrial buildings and sheds)

- Automation of gates of large and very large dimension (up to 6.000 Kilos)

- Greenhouse automation, farms, animal entry/exit openings, bike lanes, construction sites

- Parking multiaccess (Integrated Control System)

- Conversion / Restyling of existing automation without conditions or limits of size


CASIT aims to be a support and deliver the perfect solution for special projects required by constructors, engineers, public and private companies, Technical Offices.


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