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CASIT - Company

Automation systems for control and management of gates, industrial doors, barriers and openings


In operation since 1954, we have made significant technological advances over the year’s .We have constantly improved our production pipeline, our systems performance and our security standards to make our products work perfectly in every climatic environment and activation frequency. We aim to make our products extremely long lasting and reliable in order to provide the best solution, even for tricky and impossible projects.


We are manufacturers and we proudly confirm that “Made in Italy” is the main feature of our product range and complementary accessories.


For this reason, we can say without any doubt that the quality of our products is a warranty, not only for the certifications that we have. We simply every single product made in our company.


Our plant has approximately 3,000 m2 indoor premises, plus 5,000 m2 of outdoor space. The production process takes place entirely inside the company. We carry out CNC machining, assembly, testing and inspections of the products.

Everything is organised and checked to ensure superior quality systems and guarantee functionality and safety over time for every type of product and work order.


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