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CASIT – European Regulations and Compliance about gates and doors automation  (24V, 230V, 110V)


There is a deeply detailed literature concerning Automation Systems and compliance Regulation: they could be dangerous when not well installed by a competent person.


Within this section CASIT prefers to resume the essential concepts rather than discuss this matter in academic way.


CASIT s.n.c. designs and manufactures systems and components for the automation of sliding or swing doors, garage doors or sectional overhead doors, industrial folding doors, both sliding or sectional, following the last and updated Standards and Regulations.


Thus they are perfectly usable to be applied in complex automation systems and access gates of any type, both for Industrial or Domestic or for the control of vehicular traffic in public or private parking. Designed and tested even for extremely intensive use and peculiar environment (rainy, sandy, low or extremely high temperature,..).


However, CASIT systems are integrated into a larger context of "automation" and you should consider some fundamental aspects that you are invited to read.


CASIT snc is not responsible for any mistakes or omissions contained in this document.


Topic Index

  1. The danger of the systems, the reference Standards, the installer and the Technical Booklet (enter »)
  2. The CE marking (enter »)
  3. Subjects and responsibilities (enter »)
  4. Types of movements for openings with automated devices CASIT (enter »)
  5. Risk Points of the gates (enter »)
  6. Type system for sliding gates or swing doors, garage doors and industrial doors to pack side folding, sliding or sectional, road barriers (enter »)



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