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Home » Products » Operators for swing gate 1 or 2 leaves » Actuators / electromechanical operators with piston (linear)



Linear actuator reversible and irreversible version with integrated limit switches and manual release with key even on the side.


Size max. leaf: 3 meters

Version: 230V ac or 24V dc

Stroke: 400 mm



For more info about the product write to info@casit.it

Download technical data in pdf »


Technical data 3 variations available
LYNER 400/I LYNER 400/R LYNER 400/24
Irreversible with release Reversible Irreversible with release
Power supply 230 Vac 50 HZ 24V dc
Current 1,2 - 1,7 A 0,5 - 0,75 A
Absorbed power 300 W 50 W
Condenser 10 µF /
Protection (IP) 54 /
Speed 18,1 mm/s 20 mm/s
Stroke 400 mm
Max. thrust 3000 N 2500 N
Working temp. -20° C / +55° C
Thermal protection Yes
Motor weight 7 Kg
Limit switch on opening No
Limit switch on closing No
Release on the operator No
Outside handle release No
Wing (max. weight and length) 400 kg - 3,00 mt. 300 kg - 3,00 mt.



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