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CASIT - Automation for Industrial doors and Folding doors (24V, 230V, 110V)


Automation systems for Industry require technical performances and reliability in every climatic condition and environment. CASIT has extensive knowledge in manufacturing automatic operators and components used in each industrial sector, specifically for intensive use.


The automation systems for Industry are:

- High-speed folding doors
- Sectional doors
- Folding gates and doors with and without guide
- Sliding gates 
- Doors for Mass Retails entry/exit openings


Basically the choice of model depends on what kind of door is involved and the automation system required. 


CASIT’s know-how provides the right solution for the restyling of industrial openings with the best safety standard while preserving the initial operating conditions or can  install a perfect automation system on already existing solution (from manual to command deadman  up to fully automated).



Operators-gearmotors for Industrial doors



Intensive use for any kind of gates




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