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CASIT - Product range


CASIT products are designed to satisfy requirements of a wide audience: manufacturers, installers and end users.


The products are available in  230V - 24V - 110V to meet all market needs.


The range represented is characterized by some essentials for the application:

- minimum size but maximum strength, capacity, speed and durability

- Modular system expandable over time

- Durability and guaranteed operation in any condition or frequency of use


Areas of applications:

- Home solutions

- Industry solutions

- Parking solutions

- Solution for Safety and Security

- Special Projects




Kit for domestic gates ››

Operators for swing doors ››


Operators for sliding gates ››

Operators garages doors ››


Operators for Industrial gates ››

Automatic boom barriers ››


Automatic bollards ››

Turnstiles access control ››


Parking locker ››

Security & control devices ››




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