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Home solutions

Providing safety automation and control systems for any kind of openings to increase comfort at home…

Special projects

Our 60 years’ experience in design and manufacturing of automation systems and actuators makes us reliable, skilled partners, ready to tackle special and custom projects made to customer requirements or for specific functions…

Industry solutions

Our focus: intensive use, the highest security standard, handy products and extreme resistance...

Parking Solutions

Safety and reliability during operation for both residential and public use…

Control and monitoring devices

No automation system could work without good and reliable control and security device...



Products targeted mainly to use residential and Industry that are characterized by:

  • Simplified installation and maintenance
  • Heavy and Intensive Use
  • High performance in use
  • Reliability and safety
  • Professional Use and B2B portfolio
  • Long lasting


The products of this range with high performance level, represent and include all the typical features of CASIT production philosophy such as durability, reliability, safety.


They are particularly suitable for Automation Solutions and Control of external inputs or internal main halls, sections of large laboratories, public access, banks, shopping malls, multilevel parking garages, or other applications where is required  to control large flows of people, pedestrians access, vehicles access.

Each solutions is designed to be embedded with the use of transponders, badges, remote controls programmed to monitor and control access, even with the use of appropriate management software.


For more information on the systems CASIT, their features, projects or special applications:commer@casit.it


Automation for swing gates or doors

- TORINO06: linear actuator for gates from 2.5 to 5 meters wide (enter ››)
- FOLDY BB: actuator arm used for swing gates up to 4 meters wide installed on gates with oversize columns (enter ››)
- MC300/IMB: self-locking underground actuator used for swing gates up to 4 meters wide (enter ››)
- MC300/WINCH: underground locking actuator to offset installation for swing gates up to 4 meters wide (enter ››)


Automation for sliding gates

- SLIDY: ventilated motor for sliding gate up to 1,500 kg weight with incorporated Control Unit (enter ››)


Automation for overhead garage or sectional garage doors

- CAS3: motor with reversing device for obstacles, receiver and courtesy light built (enter ››)
- BOXY: operator for sectional doors and sectional balanced, sliding folding. Receiver and courtesy light built (enter ››)


Automatic barrier access control
- BG94: automatic barrier road or automatic barrier for parking with intensive use. Integrated and wired Control unit (enter ››)
- BM94: automatic barrier road or parking-intensive. Integrated and wired Control Unit (enter ››)


Turnstiles for Access Control

- TURNY24 tripod: bidirectional for intensive use. Direction indicators with LED display (enter ››)
- TURNY5000 swing leaves: bidirectional for intensive use. Direction indicators with LED display. Up to 8,000 users / day. Great design. (enter ››)


Retractable bollards

- BIG300: retractable bollard, big thickness, retro reflective and head with LED. Also in stainless steel version. Diameter 300 mm (enter ››)
- PILLAR 140: retractable bollard, big thickness, retro reflective and head with LED. Diameter 140 mm (enter ››)
- PILLAR 200: retractable bollard, big thickness, retro reflective and head with LED, diameter 200 mm (enter ››)


Parking Locker

- MOTOPARK: automatic and motorized parking locker for Residential or Public Parking Area designed for cars or motorcycles or Private Parking (enter ››)


Control Devices  and Safety Devices

- PROTECTION SYSTEMS AND DETECTION SYSTEMS: a complete range of useful and essential devices for the control of automations (photocells, radar, pneumatic sensitive edges for Safety Detection, etc ..)

- RADIO: range of transmitters and receivers for each Automation System

- CENTRAL: for the control and manage of any kind of Automation Systems

- CONTROL SYSTEMS: switches, keypads, transponder, badge, magnetic loops, loops detector, cars plate reader, telepass, RFID, etc.






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