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CASIT- Special projects

Automation for big industrial projects, malls, shopping centre and public 


Certain applications for automation systems and control devices for vehicles and pedestrian accesses, require the development of custom solutions and peculiar operators.


Due to CASIT established technical expertise and problem-solving approach, we can offer the right solution even for the most difficult or impossible project.  


CASIT special projects portfolio and case-studies during the years:

- Large and heavy gates with big dimension and weight (up to 6.000 Kg)
- Institutional openings, military openings, jails
- Airport hangars or rails
- Highways security and emergency exits
- Covered roof of swimming pool or sport centre
- Subway and metro station (i.e. Torino Metro; Porta Susa Station)
- Cable cars (i.e. Courmayeur cable car – Val d’Aosta sky lifts and sky resorts)


Almost without limits of weight, size and number of leaves. Our technical department has the expertise to study and develop the right automation for each type of configuration and application (please contact the technical office: tecnico@casit.it).


CASIT systems are certified, built to operate in any condition and temperature with limited maintenance and assistance. 



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