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CASIT - Mission & Vision

"Our main goal is to carry out projects for any kind of automation and openings control"



Offer the best solution in terms of Automation & Security.



Long lasting product means customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our return.


Casit has technical and professional skills in building systems of automation with high security standards in both residential and industrial sectors. We have a particular focus on security of people, operating in all weather conditions and components durability.


"There are no limits. Every gap and opening, private or industrial, community service, pedestrians and vehicles passages, for us it can be automated and controllable, even in the most complex installations. No matter the size, it can be controlled and monitored. While always taking care of  the safety standards!"


"We aim to be recognized as those who never say no, even to the strangest requests, delivering professional support, with motivation, skills and the right products, to carry out projects of automation and control for other openings that are impossible to control. The reference point for any kind of automation  system for external or internal closing."


Over 60 years of background in industrial environment, thus each product is designed, tested and manufactured to ensure extreme resistance and long lasting.

We avoid offering our customers "automatic toys" or low-cost tools instead always offering the best solution with the maximum level of security standard.


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