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CASIT- Company History

Experience and know-how in the automation of gates, industrial doors, garage doors and road barriers




The company was established in 1954 in a small workshop in Via Goffredo Casalis, in Turin (North West of Italy) by Bartolomeo Ramella who was passionate about technical drawing and mechanics. In that same year, RAI, the Italian Radio, officially began the regular service of television: it was the beginning of a brand new era.


Bartolomeo Ramella is intuitive, passionate, burned by that irresistible will to do after the war.

The goal of the year was the production of motors for the automation of industrial doors and large windows required by SMEs and big companies who were part of the fast growing expansion of that historical time, such as the famous brands: Fiat, Michelin, Om.


At that time CASIT was an acronym for Comandi Automatici Serramenti Infissi Torino.


After a short while the headquarters was moved via Crevacuore and with the purchasing of a small van branded Isetta, Bartolomeo gave his support to the Marshall Plan, transporting materials and equipment such as lathes, sawing machines to other machines of the time for new companies.



Bartolomeo personally designs the historic hexagonal logo which changes the meaning of the company forever, CASIT become Cancelli Automatici Shed Infissi Telecomandati.


The company requires more space. Bartolomeo identifies the appropriate place in Caselette, close to Mount Musinè, in apparently inhospitable land, stony, but in some way for him the perfect location. No water, no electricity, but the tenacity of the founder Bartolomeo was not affected. Every single stone was removed by hand, to make the terrain more favorable. He dug a well for water and built a cabin for independent power. Activities begun.



The production building is expanded in four later phases and takes over the second generation.To guide the sons Carlo and Sandro. CASIT participates in exhibitions and the brand is known and appreciated in Italy.



Was founded CASIT France, now in its second generation



On the roofs of the warehouses is installed an important photovoltaic system. The company update its production standards to the new Community guidelines.
Arrives in the company the third generation of Bartolomeo, with the grandchildren of the founder Elena and Vittorio.



The company celebrates its 60 years in business.
The goal is always the same: “To believe in made in Italy, even in difficult times. Uncompromising, with effort, but maintaining high standards of quality and craftsmanship of the building almost all products. Each motor or barrier today is the result of the same passion...


For these reasons, those who choose the brand CASIT embraces a Philosophy built on customer needs and safe installations. Our essentials are: high quality, the best safety devices and long lasting products. Superior value added products.


“CASIT? Sure. Strong motors for automatic systems. As the stones ...”



Letter to historical customers»                60 years casit»               


Company turnover consists of:

  • 60% area EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
  • 40 % other countries of the world

CASIT patents:

  • sensitive edges
  • actuator Torino 06
  • remote control

historical customers:

  • Teatro Regio di Torino
  • Palazzo del ghiaccio
  • Cancello di Versailles
  • Aeroporto Caselle
  • Eliporto di Monaco
  • Metropolitana di Torino

Participation in events:

  • Salone Tecnico di Torino
  • SAIE
  • Batimat, Parigi
  • Construmat, Barcellona

  • Fiera Edilizia 2006, KIEV

  • Medinit 2013, Casablanca

  • SIB 2014, Casablanca

  • R+T 2015, Stoccarda


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